HHS Choir Cards

There are two things that Hillsboro High School is really good at: sports and music, but there is only one thing that the school is really good at fundraising for. As a student there, I saw pretty quickly that athletics, with its booster clubs and highly publicized platform, tended to get more wide-spread support and, as a result, money. The music programs, particularly choir, were a hugely influential part of my life, so in the spring of 2015 I volunteered to redesign and print the choir’s main annual fundraiser: local discount cards. Previously, the cards were put together by a school secretary printed in black-and-white on brightly-colored paper. I felt that since these cards are the main face of the program (besides concerts, at least) we could put a slightly more manicured foot forward into the community: professionally printed in full color and a heavy white stock, I hope that the new “choir cards,” as they are known, will help to further benefit the programs that helped shape me.

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